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We’re Here for You

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Commercial insurance is crucial for small businesses. It protects you from commonly experienced losses including property damage, theft, liability and employee injury. With adequate insurance, companies can more easily recover from these types of losses. Without it, you risk going out of business.

Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

Yes, consultations are complimentary. During our consultation, we will not only  learn about your business and insurance needs to determine the best coverage for your operations, but most importantly, we will learn about you as an individual.

How do I make sure I’m not overinsured or underinsured?

Insurance can be complex and confusing so that's where we come in to help. After assessing your current policies, we will follow up to determine if your coverage limits meet your business's needs. We will then make changes accordingly to ensure you are properly covered.

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